10 Home Improvements That Are Worth Your Money

Making improvements to your home to help you develop your dream abode or to improve the overall value of your property can be a great way to get more out of your current space. However, there is a major distinction between improvements that are worth the effort and those that only waste your time and your money. After all, whether you’re looking to incorporate major changes like adding hollow metal doors to your property (which can often last longer and are better insulated and more secure than traditional doors) or minor changes like creating an accent wall, you want renovations that provide value to you. If you want to ensure that you’re only pursuing the former, take a look at these 10 home improvements that are worth the money.


1. Get more out of your backyard with a new pool.

If you live in a state known for its intense heat, like Florida, one of the best home improvements to consider is adding a pool to your backyard. Not only will this addition make it easier for you to cool over the summer, but should you choose to sell your home at a later date, it may make your property more appealing to prospective homeowners in the surrounding area. Of course, it’s important that you hire a pool company known for its reliability and great customer service to ensure that they do a great job on your pool design. The best way to get started on your custom pool is to do a quick google search of businesses in your area (for example, looking up “Sarasota Florida pool builders” if you live in southwest Florida) and find one that offers the type of projects you’re looking for.

If you want to add even more value to your backyard, you may want to consider adding water features like waterfalls and spas or even expanding upon your space by adding an outdoor kitchen and fireplace.

2. Allocate some of your funds towards improving your HVAC system.

Deciding to renovate your home doesn’t always mean adding something to your house. Sometimes, it means conducting maintenance to improve existing systems, like your air conditioner or heater. However, when it comes to complex items like HVAC units, many homeowners may not know where to begin if they want to repair their current unit or get a new unit.

The good news is that you can get in touch with an HVAC technician by doing a quick search for “air conditioning Tucson” to help you find high-quality HVAC contractors near you. Whether your AC is dealing with common issues like clogged filters preventing you from getting good ventilation and good indoor air quality or serious problems that may necessitate a new system entirely, working with an HVAC company that has years of experience and is Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited will guarantee that you get the best service possible.

3. Pursue a full kitchen remodel.

The kitchen is arguably one of the most important spaces of the home, whether you plan on living there indefinitely or selling your home later on. As such, pursuing a full kitchen remodel is definitely one home improvement that’s worth the money. That being said, understanding the specifics of what goes into a kitchen remodel is the only way to avoid making costly mistakes. What should you focus on when you decide to remodel your kitchen?

  • Look at today’s popular styles (while considering your own): Having a kitchen that reflects the style of today can give you some guidance on what you want your final area to look like. However, it’s important that you don’t sacrifice personal taste in exchange for fitting the bill of what homeowners want currently. Take some time to consider how you can modernize your space while still making it your own.
  • Consider purchasing all new appliances: Some people may view a new appliance as an unnecessary expense, but the truth is that purchasing new appliances can actually come with a host of benefits. Take, for example, your refrigerator. Most old fridges don’t offer the same energy efficiency that today’s Energy Star certified appliances have to offer. If it comes to deciding between repairing and replacing a refrigerator, consider the scope of the problems (whether you’re dealing with ice maker issues or severe condensation), the cost of the repairs, and whether or not it’s worth keeping it around. Most often, the best solution is a new refrigerator.
  • Optimize your space and storage: Most homeowners want a spacious kitchen in their residence. While you’re mapping out the changes for your new home, consider how you can optimize your space to make it easier to move around and store your most essential items more effectively.
  • Only use the highest quality materials: When you’re working with a budget, it can be easy to choose materials that are a bit cheaper so that you can save money. The problem? If you compromise too much, you can end up with a low-quality space that’ll need repairs sooner rather than later. Remember, even if you need to take care of home improvements piece by piece, top-notch materials are always the best to go with.

With the right plan, your new kitchen can be far more efficient and easier to use.

4. Look for minor repairs that can be made on the exterior of your home.


Too often, we’ll pay too much attention to the interior without thinking about how the exterior looks. If you’re having trouble finding items within your house to renovate, consider turning your attention outward. One major renovation that always pays off is installing new siding.

Siding is regularly exposed to the elements, causing it to have issues like peeling or chipping. Additionally, poor siding can cause moisture to begin seeping inside of the house as well as raise your utility bills as it reduces overall insulation and protection. If you’ve noticed that your home’s exterior could use some TLC, look for local professionals in your area who can offer siding replacement in Houston, for example.

5. Take care of any major repairs you may have been putting off.

Homes are susceptible to a wide variety of problems that could potentially cause severe damage to both us and our properties. Whether this comes in the form of foundational damage, roof damage, mold growth, or plumbing issues, these need to be taken care of immediately to keep us protected in the long run. Regardless of the repair costs, make sure to take care of any major repairs like those listed above as a priority in the home improvement process.

6. Focus on landscaping to improve your curb appeal.


Does your backyard or front yard feel like it’s lacking excitement or character? Are there areas that are overgrown or haven’t received care in a while? You can greatly improve both the look and value of your property by pursuing landscaping projects that boost your curb appeal. Create a front yard and backyard design that’s both attractive and functional, find plants that work for your region, and spruce up the exterior of your house to improve upon your efforts. With a little bit of care and life, your house can look just like new.

7. Improve upon your bathroom space with a minor bathroom remodel.

Besides the kitchen, the bathroom is another major area that many homeowners will pay close attention to when they begin shopping around for a new home. Regardless of your future plans with your property, making the decision to upgrade your bathroom is never a bad idea. Consider adding items like a walk-in shower with glass doors and walls, jack and jill sinks and counter space (this is often a must for the master bathroom), and fresh tiles that breathe new life into your bathroom. Just simple changes like these can make a world of difference in how you view your bathroom.

8. Don’t have enough space? Expand your property with additions.


Some people feel like they simply don’t have enough square feet to lounge around in. Fortunately, with the help of the right professionals, adding to your home is absolutely possible. Some popular additions to consider include sunrooms, expanding existing rooms like the kitchen for more space, or even adding accessory dwelling units on the property to provide additional space for family members. If more space is the answer, additions are great home improvement ideas to pursue.

9. Turn your attention to other areas in your property, like your garage.

It’s important to remember to care for other areas of your property besides the main house. The garage is just one example of a space that can often go untouched until it begins to show significant signs of wear and tear. You can easily revitalize a space like this by doing a deep clean, replacing items like garage doors, and adding some fresh paint to the exterior. Even though you may not use this space as much as your main house, taking care of it can still be a great use of your resources.

10. Tear down walls, and go for that highly desired open floor plan.


Open floor plans are extremely popular in this day-and-age. Why? They allow more light into your home and make it feel like you have more space to work with, which can be liberating. If you have the ability, consider improvements like removing walls and opening up spaces to create a bigger space for you to work with inside of your own home. However, make sure that you plan this out extensively and ensure that it’s the right choice in the short-term and long-term.

Renovating your home can put you on the right path to selling it or developing a space that’s truly yours. However, there are alterations that are beneficial and those that could potentially waste your money or cause problems for you later on. To guide you in the right direction, use the 10 home renovations listed above to help you get started on your own journey.