3 Ways to Take Your Salon to the Next Level

Starting a salon is hard work, but it’s oh-so-satisfying to see the finished product and your client’s smile when they finally get to look in the mirror. Still, there’s no limit to how successful your salon can ultimately be.

As a salon owner, you can increase customer retention, garner more word-of-mouth advertising, and generally offer a better salon experience. All it takes is to focus your attention on the relevant aspects of your business.

1. Show off your handiwork.


You‘re confident that you and your stylists are talented. If you weren’t good at what you do, you certainly wouldn’t run a salon! Highlighting that talent is one of the easiest ways to take your salon to the next level. Whether you’ve perfected a simple design on a client’s nails or finished up an elaborate haircare package, it makes sense that you’d want to show off your finished product.

Upgrade your work area to include a mirror with LED lights for an instant opportunity to highlight your hairstyles and other salon masterpieces. A vanity light will offer optimal brightness as you work your magic and set the stage for your client to see the results. Whether you’re trimming their hair or applying a full face of makeup, the right light will offer a more straightforward process and will make the process all the better for your client, too. Besides—your salon needs a mirror. So why not make it one with bulbs to put a spotlight on your handiwork?

2. Improve your customer experience.


A new mirror with bright LED lights isn’t the only addition that can make your salon a better place for everyone who walks through your door. Of course, your high-quality results will keep clients coming back, but a few adjustments can make your customer experience all the more compelling.

Complimentary refreshments are one addition that’s sure to secure your place as a client favorite. Do some research to find a bottled water company that can stock the equipment you need to offer something far better than your standard municipal tap water. You can use that same spring water to fill a coffee pot, the perfect way to keep clients happily caffeinated during and for a long time after their appointment.

You might even offer a selection of cookies, fruits, or other goodies for clients to enjoy, with the bonus appeal of entertaining any little ones who’ve come along for Mom’s appointment. How could customers resist leaving glowing reviews after free coffee and cookies?

3. Always be learning.


You already know that you’ll be studying the latest techniques and technologies for as long as you’re working as a stylist or salon owner. However, what you might not realize is just how much that same learning can up-level your salon. Learning new-to-you styling concepts and business skills can make you a better entrepreneur and more effective salon worker.

By the same principles, it’s crucial that you continuously train your staff and encourage them to grasp any professional development opportunities that come their way. With you and your team constantly learning and developing your skills, you’ll always have something new to offer your clients, whether it’s a unique method or a better version of an old favorite style.

From a new mirror and a few gallons of water to a highly trained staff and ever-increasing skills, you and your salon can continue to thrive over time. Even your long-term clients will be reminded of why you’re their favorite spot for all their hair care needs. From the highest quality results to the salon’s elegant design, they’ll tell everyone they know that you’re the best option for cuts, colors, styles, and more.