The key to an epic road trip is going in with an open mind. From the way you travel to the things you do along the way, the best way to have a trip you’ll remember forever is to be ready for adventure and spontaneity, too. Here are tips on how to have an epic road trip that you won’t forget.

1. Travelling In Style


The first thing to do when planning an epic road trip is to figure out how you’ll travel. From the family SUV to a motorcycle, you’ll need to know how you plan to make it from point A to B. Lately, and in the face of a global pandemic, people have been opting for converted vans, campers, and RVs because they allow for better social distancing when it comes to lodging. If you’re brave enough to hit the road in a new motorhome, start with a Google search for RV auctions. There, you might just be able to find the perfect camper or RV vehicle for you and your family at an affordable price.

2. Staying Covered and Having Peace of Mind


Before setting out on the road, make sure your car insurance is ready to go. Consider increasing your coverages, and find out if your personal property will be covered should it be stolen on the road. Knowing you have the right insurance will give you peace of mind as you travel. Maybe you live in Oregon and are planning a trip across the United States to the East coast. Knowing that you’ll be able to connect with a personal injury attorney in Salem, OR if something goes wrong will help make things easier in the event of a car accident early on in your trip.

Look at your health, home, and renter’s policies, too. If you’re planning on a long road trip, you’ll want to be sure everything is in order before you go. This includes arranging for the care of pets and work obligations before you leave for your trip. Handling these things now will prevent distraction so that you can focus on relaxing and creating memories.

3. Trying New Things


Instead of going into your trip with a static plan, be open-minded about trying new things and meeting new people. Regardless of whether you’re traveling with family, your partner, or making the trip alone, part of the excitement of a road trip means saying “yes.” If you get the opportunity to snowmobile for the first time, do it. If you get the opportunity to paraglide, scuba dive, or even hike a mountain you haven’t visited before, do what you can to take advantage of the moment. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

4. Being Open to Adventure


In the same way, you want to keep an open mind about trying new things, challenge yourself to be adventurous when it comes to your destination. If you get lost, for example, don’t be afraid to try that side road. Stop at roadside attractions, take exits you hadn’t expected to find interesting, say “yes” to new places, and don’t hesitate to spend an extra day in a place that works for you. The point of a road trip is to explore new places, so if you find one that feels right, stay an extra night.

At the end of the day, the best trips are the ones where you’re ready for anything. In planning ahead as far as coverages and how you’ll travel while maintaining an open mind, you’re bound to have an adventure on a road trip that you’ll remember forever. Happy travels to you, and don’t forget to pack that camera!