When a friend or family member comes home with their new baby, many people want to offer their loved ones a gift. Many common gifts for new moms are actually gifts for the baby, or something appreciated but ultimately not helpful, like a balloon, flowers, or a card. However, Mom is the one who just went through childbirth after nine months of pregnancy—and now has eighteen years of caretaking ahead. This isn’t to say that motherhood isn’t rewarding, but a gift meant for the new mom rather than her infant is undoubtedly something that she will appreciate.

While she will appreciate any gift, something that’s particularly useful for your favorite new mom will be significant, whether it’s celebrating their new role as a mother or it’s meant to remind them of who they are otherwise.

1. Non-Maternity Clothes


Since your friend made the switch to maternity clothing through pregnancy, she’s likely missed wearing “normal” clothes. In the time that’s passed, though, styles have probably changed. So a few stylish pieces of clothing to add to her wardrobe will make for a meaningful gift. Browse her favorite denim brands or shop popular styles such as womens tunics to help Mom feel more like herself during the postpartum period.

A pair of jeans or a new tunic might seem like a simple offering, but it’s one she’s sure to appreciate. If you’re concerned about misestimating her current size, consider choosing a gift card to Levi’s or her favorite retailer. Having some classic styles to choose from once again will go a long way towards helping her cope with the aftermath of pregnancy and adjust to her new life.

2. Something to Simplify Motherhood


While you’re trying to choose a gift that focuses on your favorite new mom, the perfect present can certainly be something that benefits her baby, too. Motherhood is hard work, so any products that make it a little easier can prove to be beautiful gifts.

For example, look into a breast pump bra that will allow her to keep her hands free while pumping breast milk for her bundle of joy. This gift is significant in that it lets her reclaim a bit of time—with a hands-free pumping bra, Mom can stop to empty the dishwasher or replace her go-to dusting rag without putting her baby’s well-being in jeopardy.

3. A Guilty Pleasure


As a mother, your friend will sacrifice a lot for her baby, and she’ll undoubtedly do it willingly. Still, there’s no reason she can’t take advantage of a few guilty pleasures along the way, too. After all, she’s still an individual woman, not just a mom.

After nine months without coffee or alcohol, this new mom would love a nice bottle of wine or fancy latte from her favorite cafe. Of course, double-check any dietary requirements she needs to consider if she’s breastfeeding. Alternatively, consider surprising her with jewelry or accessories that are just plain fun—they might not be helpful, but they can bring her some joy that’s uniquely hers.

4. Something Commemorative


The birth of your child is a significant event, especially if it’s your first. So help your loved one celebrate their new arrival with a gift that commemorates the occasion. You can even personalize your present with details like the little one’s name, birth date, or other information.

Consider having an organic cotton blanket personalized with the baby’s information or photo or ordering a custom pendant engraved with their name. You might frame a copy of the baby’s first photo in an embossed frame or creating a shadow box with your friend’s pregnancy or birth announcements. Whatever you choose, it will be meaningful because it was hand-selected by you and custom-made for them.

5. Your Time


A combination breastfeeding and pumping bra might help your friend recover a bit of the time she’s lost since giving birth, but it isn’t the only gift that can focus on just that. Alternatively, you can offer her a bit of your time, whether that’s babysitting or helping with errands or housework.

If your favorite new mom is hesitant to accept your help or admit she could use a hand, consider ways to help her out while preserving her pride. Sometimes, simply sitting with her and her baby for a while can be enough to make a difference—a new mother doesn’t have much of social life, so she’d likely get lonely otherwise.

It’s relatively common to offer a new mom a present after giving birth, but the most common gifts are targeted to her bundle of joy. So for an especially meaningful gift, put some thought into choosing something that helps your friend make the transition into motherhood while reclaiming her identity from before she found out she was pregnant. Whether that’s a fashionable pair of designer jeans, a new blouse or jacket, or the simple gift of your time, there’s no limit to the ways you can surprise a new mom with something special.