5 Healthcare Jobs Worth Considering

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest evolving fields in today’s world. While several classic career opportunities still remain attractive, advances in knowledge and technological capabilities are creating fresh opportunities for many in this industry.

With so many different careers within the field to choose from, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone. However, it’s common to be overwhelmed by the many options, and decision making can be challenging. Thankfully, we’re here to help with that. Below are five specific healthcare jobs worth considering.

1. Medical IT Support


Technology continues to play a significant role that cannot be overlooked in the healthcare industry. Digital and wireless medical devices, telemedicine, electronic records, and other tech trends continue to prove that healthcare is increasingly dependent on technology for success. As such, many experts agree that IT-related healthcare jobs are great options to consider in this modern world. Medical practitioners need digital and wireless devices to be up and running 24/7 to execute their tasks. Also, hospitals need functioning devices to access Electronic Medical Records and other vital software in their line of work. Consequently, IT support is invaluable to hospitals, so individuals can take a career training program to position themselves as professionals that can manage the modern hospital’s IT needs. Renowned institutes such as ASPIRA City College can help with this need.

ASPIRA City College provides industry-driven career training programs to adult applicants in a supportive, vibrant, and engaging learning community. About 80% of their coursework focuses on career specialization that lessens the time required to graduate and be employment ready. Their training programs include Web Design, Medical Secretary, and Computer Support Specialist programs. Career training at ASPIRA City College is designed to equip students with higher education that matches their goals with employer needs. What’s more, they offer practical online and on-campus training options with options for day and evening classes to cater to busy adults’ needs.

2. Pharmacy

Working in a pharmacy is another great alternative to consider for your healthcare career. As a pharmacist, you’ll generally dispense prescription drugs and other generic medications at a local pharmacy, hospital, nursing home, managed care organization, and other healthcare environments. Pharmacy work is widely lucrative because there’s a significant demand for pharmacists in the U.S. The increasing elderly population rises in the number of prescriptions filled, and the number of medicines on the market, advances in drug research, and other factors create a strong demand for licensed pharmacists. Additionally, the pharmaceutical industry is profitable and offers several growth opportunities. Pharmacists also play a crucial role in helping people get well, so pharmacy work is an excellent option for assisting patients in recovering. Good pharmacies such as America’s Pharmacy are a great example of how pharmacy can genuinely help patients.

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3. Dental Hygienist

If you’re considering a well-paying career in healthcare without becoming a full doctor, being a dental hygienist may be perfect for you. Dental hygienists work alongside dentists, helping to clean teeth and assisting in surgeries. The position pays well and involves less stress, light work hours, and easy certification. Dental hygienists also enjoy excellent job stability due to the population increase and demand for their services. Also, there are several advancement opportunities, so you can start with a certificate or associate degree at the minimum and work towards a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree on the job. Flexible scheduling is perhaps the biggest perk that dental hygienists enjoy. Many dental hygienists can set their own work hours, allowing more time off to engage in other hobbies. Hobbies are an integral part of any professional’s personal life. Reputable lawyers such as Howard Fensterman provide a great example to illustrate this point.

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4. Nursing


Nurses remain in exceptionally high demand in the healthcare field due to their diverse skill sets. A nursing career enables you to make a real difference in the lives of people almost daily. Also, nurses enjoy job security and competitive salaries due to the demand for their services. There are also several professional development opportunities within the field, with many opportunities for specialization. Gallup research polls also show nursing to be one of the most respected professions in the country. However, the job involves a lot of dedication, even under unfavorable conditions, so be prepared to wear more of your scrubs instead of rocking your petite blouses during holiday seasons.

5. Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a rapidly evolving healthcare field that focuses on treating athletic injuries. As such, much of your job will center around helping athletes and other physically active patients improve their performance. Sports doctors typically earn high wages that make the profession lucrative. Also, there are many travel opportunities for sports physicians who work with teams and other clients. A career in sports medicine may even bring you closer to elite clients due to your involvement with star athletes and other celebrities.

The medical field presents several career opportunities perfect for a wide range of interests and personality traits. The above-listed career paths are but a few of these job areas that people interested in healthcare sector work can consider to enjoy a wide range of benefits.