How Does Month-to-Month Housing Work?

For many young people, settling down and buying a home is either out of reach or too restrictive. Even signing a year lease can hinder those who often travel for work or adventure. With more freedom and flexibility in mind, month-to-month housing is gaining momentum as a modern solution to this modern problem.

What’s month-to-month housing?


Whereas once upon a time, we had to search Craigslist for hours to find the right apartment, dodging scams along the way, today we have plenty of resources at our disposal. A quick google search will bring up a dozen different services that can use algorithms to narrow down the perfect place for you. Leasing an apartment month-to-month isn’t new in itself, but the access and options are expanding and evolving. Rental marketplaces like Airbnb offer a new approach to extended travel and open up the door for further innovation.

Redefining apartment living all together, now you can become a member of a network with access to apartments across the country. Renters can choose floor plans ranging from studio apartments to luxury suites, furnished or not, in a new city every month if they’d like. Though there’s usually a membership fee, the tradeoff is that you’re never required to pay a security deposit or sign a long-term lease. It’s a great new option for renters with an active lifestyle, a nomadic spirit, or a travel-intensive career.

Where can you live?

With these kinds of services, it’s more a question of where you want to live rather than where you can live. Apartment networks will only continue to grow as the idea catches on. As it stands now, a network membership will give you access to apartments in over 70 cities in the United States. You can then filter your results based on furnishings, the number of bedrooms, pet-friendliness, amenities, or even the desired neighborhood.

If you’re searching for month to month apartments in Seattle, for example, you can choose from popular areas like Capitol Hill or South Lake Union. Then, if you decide to leave the Seattle area for a new adventure, you can transfer to a new place in as little as 30 days. So, where can you live? That’s completely up to you! Crunch the numbers and consider the many deciding factors, or wing it. With a membership to a network of housing options, you’ll have the peace of mind to be as free and flexible as you want.

What’s included?


Membership to one of these apartment networks gives you, most importantly, exclusive access to apartments in prime locations across the country. It doesn’t stop there, though. With fully furnished options and 24/7 concierge service, your luxury apartment can come with everything you might need ‚Äî down to the linens and dishes. The amenities vary based on what each building has to offer but rest assured that you’ll have access to whatever amenities there may be. If the building has a pool or WiFi, for example, it’s yours to use.

If internet access isn’t included and you plan on moving around a lot, you can always use your cellular data to generate a mobile hotspot. If you have a 5G cellular network like Verizon or AT&T, you might be able to achieve decent data speeds. Still, WiFi wins in the speed comparison of WiFi vs. mobile data. If your work or hobbies include data-heavy activities, you’ll be better off getting a router and a regular WiFi connection.

Smart TVs and free WiFi may be great amenities, but the best part about renting month-to-month through a network membership is the complete freedom and peace of mind. Go where life takes you, whenever it does ‚Äî and if you decide a place feels like home, you’re more than welcome to stick around.