How To Commemorate Your Road Trip

Going on a road trip to see some national parks? Are you looking for affordable, fun ways to commemorate your national park adventure? Look no further. From stickers to wall art, scrapbooks to social media, and vlogs or blogs, there are many ways to capture your trip from start to finish. For some creative ideas, read on.



Many people in the United States love nothing more than taking road trips across the country to explore US National Parks. From Yellowstone to the Everglades, the national park system has a lot to offer those seeking adventure. If you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors and activities like hiking or looking for an active volcano, a cross country trip to somewhere like the Grand Canyon might be in the cards this year. Because parks afford social distancing, more people than ever are planning to hit the road. If this is you, don’t forget to commemorate your trip with stickers.

Whether traveling in your own vehicle, a rented RV, or car, consider picking up stickers at rest stops or favorite parks. Many people love to create travel boards or even stick stickers on the backs of cars to commemorate their travels. If you aren’t sure about all those stickers on your vehicle, you could consider picking up a map of the United States and using push pins to mark off all the parks you’ve traveled to.

Commemorating a trip doesn’t have to be expensive. From sticker collections that remind you of each stop to pinboards, digital photo albums, scrapbooks, and more, you’ll want to collect memories of your stops.

Wall Art


If you’re planning to see the hot springs or traveling to Yosemite, you’ll want to capture each destination’s beauty. Another way to do this is to make or buy canvas wall art. ֿThese days, we all have cameras in our pockets and you can turn your own photos of the Grand Canyon, the Everglades, or anywhere into canvas wall art to hang in your home once you return.

Back home, think about designating one spot as a travel wall. There, you can hang a canvas for each stop on your travels. Stunning pictures of Bryce Canyon next to the brilliant colors on coral reefs where you dove would show off your myriad of adventures and serve as a great talking piece for guests.

Travel Brochures


Something as easy as a journal or scrapbook filled with travel brochures from the places you’ve been can be a nearly free way to capture your journey. Think about the cut menu from the diner you ate at the night you started your trip, the quirky business card at the gas station that reminded you of home. These sorts of simple and free memories would make for an amazing collection of your road tripping adventure when bound together.

Social Media


These days, especially with many stuck at home, people love reading about or seeing pictures of adventures on social media. Consider commemorating your trip by vlogging it on YouTube or starting a website or blog. Whether you post photos on Instagram for friends and family, create a Facebook page for your travels, or tweet at every stop, it will be a cool way to capture your trip and something fun to look back on. Meanwhile, your friends and family will get to feel like they came along, too.

In the end, there are no wrong answers in how you celebrate your trip. From creating social media pages and spaces to a canvas wall with pictures of the craters and glaciers you’ve seen or covering your RV in magnets and stickers, the possibilities are as endless as the open road. Happy travels to you!