How to Create the Luxurious Home of Your Dreams

As a homeowner or someone who’s hoping to become one, you know how important it is to make your home someplace special. Not only does the right interior and outdoor amenities help you to enjoy your space, but it’s also a distinctive indicator of your social status. After all, homeownership itself is a key part of the American Dream, which is why it stands to reason that owning a noticeably luxurious home elevates a person who’s achieved that dream even further. That said, you don’t have to buy an entirely new real estate property to embrace this opulence (unless, of course, you want to). All you’ll need to do is make a few particular changes, which can be made to your home no matter where it’s located.

Handle the technicalities.


Before you get into any serious changes, it’s important to cover your legal, financial, and logistical bases. For instance, will you need any permits for the work you’re doing? Will any pets or children need to stay elsewhere during your efforts? How are you paying for your new bit of luxury? Visit your city’s website or consult your contractor to determine what permits you need or other legalities you must follow. Ask a friend or family member to look after your kids or pets while you work. By figuring out these details upfront, you’ll have much less stress going forward.

Of course, you need to pay for these logistics, not to mention your renovations themselves. Rather than waiting for a conventional loan, consider opting instead for hard money loans. With a hard money loan, you’ll access the funds you need more quickly with flexibility when it comes to your approval and repayment processes. With the quick turnaround of a home renovation or even a successful flip, this type of loan is ideal, with a hard money lender being much faster and more accessible than a traditional lender or a traditional mortgage would be.

Shine a spotlight on self-care.


While self-care is unquestionably a critical facet of any person’s wellbeing, a home that focuses on that facet will inevitably seem more luxurious. Whether you’ve utilized a hard money or traditional loan, factor in particular details such as a tub or shower that allows you to embrace self-care with your personal sanctuary. Someone else might opt to focus on their bedroom instead, upgrading their mattress and bedding for maximum comfort. Still another homeowner might decide to recreate their kitchen or outdoor living space.

Kohler Luxstone showers, for example, can create a stylish shower space that transforms your bathroom into your very own home spa. Your new shower will make you and any guests who stay in your home feel perfectly pampered. Invite the girls over for a DIY spa day or unwind with a glass of wine, a good book, and a bubble bath after a stressful workweek. Then, pair your Luxstone shower with a waterfall showerhead with a cozy bedroom or other space, and you’ll be enjoying the most comfortable, opulent home you could imagine.

Attend to seemingly minor details.


If you walk into someone’s home that‘s simply dripping with expensive furnishings, you’re more likely to be overwhelmed or skeptical than you are impressed. The most genuinely luxurious homes are built more extemporaneously—a rich person wouldn’t need to think through the most extravagant, pricy options available—they’d choose their favorite pieces regardless of their cost. More likely than not, these would be less obvious details than a Persian rug or wall-size flat screen. Instead, you’d likely notice particular artwork or other subtle qualities.

For instance, they’d install Plum carpet because they love its plush, durable texture, and range of colors. You might not realize the impact, but anyone stepping into your home is sure to notice a detail as simple as a particularly lush carpet or rug. Luxury vinyl planks, too, will be an enticing flooring detail that hints at abundance without making it seem like too much. You can follow this same sort of concept throughout your home—what small, yet impactful features can you use to make your space a more luxurious one? Create a list of your favorite concepts, then determine which ones you’ll work into your budget.

Add a taste of true luxury.


Another feature you’ll typically find only in the homes of the genuinely rich is especially extravagant details that someone simply “keeping up with the Joneses” wouldn’t be willing to invest in. If you walk into a person’s wine cellar, you’ll assume they’ve put money into it—but if that same wine cellar is packed with obscure, aged vino and specialty liquors, you’ll find their space all the more impressive. Like a luxurious rug, it’s these understated details that will make your home more extravagant.

Between watching sea turtle hatchlings and enjoying oceanfront living, the benefits of a wine cooler for your Isle of Palms, SC home will extend into more than just a place to chill your favorite bottles. A warm climate might call for central air, a more extravagant feature than a standard window air conditioner. That detail will help ensure your home is as luxurious as possible, impressing guests while offering a higher quality of life or even property value, should you choose to sell. By striking the perfect balance of opulence and your personal preferences, you’ll display a genuine luxury to anyone entering your home—you can afford extravagance when you want it but don’t splurge for splurging’s safe alone.

From Isle of Palm’s surrounding areas to anywhere else in the United States, there’s no shortage of small adjustments a homeowner can make to create the luxurious home of your dreams. With a hard money loan backing your investments, you’ll be able to afford everything you need for your next project, whether that’s a wine cooler or a Kohler Luxstone shower. When you find a detail that’s a good option for your preferred luxury design, your lender will have your back in perfecting that space with the right carpet or other amenities. Best of all, you’ll have the luxurious home of your dreams for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy long past the life of your loan.