Is Your iPhone Storage Full? Here Are a Few Hacks to Get More

Nowadays, everyone’s taking photos with their smartphones. Whether it’s your food, your family, your friends (or a mix of both!), the chances are high that you’ve got lots of photos on your iPhone. While the iPhone’s cameras are quite impressive, taking such high-resolution photos over several months or years can really fill up your phone’s storage.

If your phone is running sluggishly, it may be time to get rid of some unwanted apps and pictures in order to free up more space on your device. If your iPhone storage is full, here are a few hacks to keep in mind that could help clear up space.

Delete duplicate photos

Did you know that different apps may be automatically creating duplicate versions of photos on your device without you realizing it? Especially since your photos are taken in such a high resolution, this can really affect how much storage your phone has available.

Instagram and WhatsApp are two common culprits when it comes to storing photos on your device in multiple places, especially if you’ve been adding filters to your photos on Instagram. Take a look in other folders on your phone and clear them out to make up space without sacrificing any of your memories.

Give the boot to unused apps

Sure, you may have had good intentions when you downloaded that app to help you learn another language or start meditating more consistently, but if you haven’t touched them in a while, it’s time to get rid of them. Many times, carefully looking at each app on your phone’s screen will help you realize just how many apps you downloaded and used once to qualify for a special offer or support a cause, only to never look at again.

While not all apps take up the same amount of space, clearing out the clutter can only help free up storage. If you feel a little guilty about deleting an app that you had the best of intentions in downloading, set a reminder for one week from now, and then check your app usage. If you still aren’t really using the app, go ahead and delete it. After all, you can always download it again in the future if you really want to.

Decrease the quality of the photos and videos you’re taking

If photos and videos seem to be the major reason that your phone’s storage is running out, one thing to consider is adjusting your iPhone’s settings so that the quality of these files is downgraded when you record them. Of course, these sorts of adjustments are only helpful when it comes to preventing future videos and photos from taking up a lot of your iPhone’s space.

That said, there are plenty of apps that help you compress existing video files on your iPhone. This can make even your longest video of your nephew and niece playing with your cats take up only a fraction of the space.

Get extra cloud-based photo storage

Of course, not everybody may be able to decrease video and photo quality or delete unwanted apps. If you’ve taken the above measures but still need more storage on your phone, it may be worth investing in extra cloud-based photo storage. One great option for photo storage for iPhones is ibi. Made by Sandisk, ibi is a personalized cloud platform for your photos and videos that synchronizes across multiple accounts and devices.

Offering a full terabyte of storage, it’s hard to imagine you filling up ibi very quickly at all, thanks to the fact that it can store hundreds of thousands of photos and over one hundred hours of high definition video. Best of all, ibi lets you share important folders with others, complete with privacy settings so that you have full control over who can see your photos and when.