Why You Might Need a Storage Unit When You Move

Moving can be quite a hassle, from the point you decide to look for a new place, right up until you finally settle into your new dwelling. Bubble wrap will become a constant, as well as phone calls, texts, and contracts, all leading up to move-in day. However, it never hurts to have a helping hand in moving, and that could come in the form of a storage unit.

Cleaning Your Old Space


You may need to get your old space scrubbed down and ready to hit the real estate market before you can truly settle into your new place. You may want to consider the benefits of a self storage facility to hold any furniture or belongings that don’t need to be with you through to moving day. This will allow for any personal belongings to be properly stowed away with a lock for your self-storage unit, at a facility that has round-the-clock in-person and video surveillance.

During this time, you can also take inventory of what’s in your household that should make the trip with you to your new stead, and what can possibly be given to charity, trashed, or even sold.

Extra Storage Space


Let’s say you’re moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, and need to keep some home furnishings and personal belongings stowed away before you can get into your new place. It is worth it to rent from a Charlotte, NC self storage facility to allow for a safe space for any furniture, large appliances, or other belongings to give you some peace of mind. This convenient storage solution will help you come up with a proper strategy for moving everything in that you want for your new house.

These storage options will also allow you to work through downsizing what you may have packed for your move that you really didn’t need after all, or may require replacing on a second inspection.

Constant Moving


Indoor storage units are best to have if you find that work or life is taking you to different places all the time. Self storage assures that you know where you are items are at all time, with some storage facilities designed to accommodate not just a dresser or a sofa, but even vehicle storage in climate control units.

This extra layer of protection can be privately offered by certain apartment communities. Companies like Venterra Realty help first-time homeowners or renters through a variety of difficult decisions. Founded in 2001, Venterra has now emerged as a leading multi-realty portfolio, with 64 apartment communities in eleven major U.S. cities. With excellent service for residents and convenient locations for new customers, Venterra is committed to improving the lives of those who reside in their communities nationwide through success and trying times.

Selling Your Belongings


As mentioned earlier, moving is a great way for taking inventory of all of the belongings you may have accrued during your time in your old home. While you can give some of those items to charity or give them to other friends and family, you could also look into selling those belongings for some quick cash.

For example, if you purchased major appliances that are already equipped in your new apartment, a storage unit can house things like stoves, microwaves, and a refrigerator until you can sell them off. A self storage facility will keep those items under lock and key, with easy access round-the-clock once your sale is made. Some facilities are even designed to have enough room for easy loading and unloading, making for a quick move in and out with the right people helping you out. Plus, with the right convenient location, a storage unit can act as a great secondary hub for a side business at a later date.